Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tips For Purchasing Motion Control Shoes

There are basically three different classes of shoes you might consider if you are walking for fitness.
Some are cushioned, some are for more stability and others focus on motion control. If you have a higher arch than most people, you most likely would require a "cushioned" shoe. If you look at the bottom of a cushioned shoe you will find that it is more narrow in the mid-foot area. It will also be lighter than most shoes. They would not be a great choice if you have knee problems or tend to point your toes outward.
Around 80 percent of walkers may prefer a shoe that has more stability. It's not as narrow as a cushioned shoe, but is more stable and is built in such a way to provide more arch support. If you tend to be on the heavy side, have lower arches or flat feet, your best choice may be "motion-control" shoes.
Motion-control shoes are the widest of the three classes of shoes and will give you maximum stability. These shoes are best for walking and not running and will help you get the most out of those days when you are walking for fitness.
The following a few tips tips to help you right the right pair of motion-control shoes. If you have your own inserts (which is possible if you have flat feet) bring them when you go shoe-shopping.
Remove the inserts in the shoe and try them on with your own.
Be sure to wear the same socks as ones you will use for walking.
Shop late in the day. Your feet will naturally swell and this will provide a better fit.
If a motion-control shoe is what you are after, be sure it is on the wide side, but has a snug heel. You don't want your heel to move up and down inside the shoe as you walk because this will lead to blisters.
It would be bring along an old, worn pair of shoes. A knowledgeable salesperson will be able to tell from the wear pattern what shoe will best suit you.
Most of all, take your time. Walk around in the shoes and be sure they feel good. Remember, most shoes that are made these days hold their original shape and do not expand that much with wear. If they feel tight, don't count on them becoming less constricting over time.
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