Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Smoothies: How Can I Be Certain the Smoothies I Make Are Healthy?

Smoothies are the ultimate get up and go food. Packed with fresh ingredients, the smoothie can be a powerful pick-me-up that gets you through the day. A smoothie is so simple to prepare and quick to drink, that it's the perfect snack - or even meal - for those too busy to turn on the stove or make a sandwich.
Although there are examples of smoothies the world over, such as the Middle East and India - for example the shabat and the Indian lassi, are both made with yogurt, honey and fruit - in the United States the smoothie became popular during the 1960s, when they were sold in health food stores as part of a resurgence in macrobiotics and vegetarianism. The early smoothies were made from fruit, fruit juice and ice, and pulverized in a blender.
Today, with the interest in nutrition and fitness combined with our busy lifestyles, the smoothie is incredibly popular. There are so many flavor combinations that you could easily enjoy a different flavor every day. But with ease and convenience, often comes a little indulgence too, and sometimes it can be too easy to add a scoop of ice cream, a spoon of peanut butter or full fat yogurt, for that smooth and creamy taste.
When you make smoothies at home it pays to keep on the right side of nutrition. The best way to make smoothies is with all natural fresh fruits, berries, nuts and vegetables. If you want creaminess, avoid full fat options. If you want sweetness, add honey, carrot or apple. Try using low-fat coconut milk for richness, and spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg for added depth.
The basis of most smoothies is the humble banana. Store them, pre-peeled in the freezer, to give your smoothie an extra icy blast. Bananas give smoothies a creaminess that is hard to beat, and they make a great base for a whole range of flavors.
Another often-used ingredient is yogurt. To keep your smoothie healthy, make sure you stick to using fat-free plain yogurt, without added sugars. Plain Greek yogurt is a terrific option, and then you can add your own sweetness, such as honey, maple syrup, or apple.
One smoothie that packs a protein punch is the green smoothie, made with powdered spirulina, banana, and apple juice. This vivid looking drink might look like a witches' brew, but can power you for the entire afternoon. Other dark leafy greens, such as fresh spinach, kale, chard and collard pack an equally mighty health punch. Try blending them with fresh nuts and coconut milk for a terrific snack any time of the day.
Another favourite flavor is ginger. A peeled knob of fresh ginger goes wonderfully well with carrot and orange and lends a wonderful spicy warmth to your smoothie.
Next time you head to the market, make sure you pick up a range of fresh fruits and vegetables that will inspire you to create an endless variety of healthy and delicious smoothies.
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