Thursday, 17 July 2014

E3 2014 Sony Highlights

E3 2014 was a big year for Nintendo, Microsoft but especially Sony. This year like last year Sony outdid Microsoft by a slight margin. While the main focus of Sony was games, they also debut some interesting new services such as PlayStation TV and PlayStation Now. PlayStation TV is a cross between a gaming console and media streaming console. It allows gamers to not have to buy another console to stream and play on another TV, as well as stream amazon Instant Video and Netflix.
PlayStation Now was shown off at E3 and is a game streaming service allowing gamers to play PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation titles on their PlayStation 4. This is to cater to the gamers that want to play older PlayStation titles since PlayStation 4 can't play PlayStation 3 or past generation games.
Project Morpheus was also shown off and playable at the E3 event. Although it was still in the prototype phase, it looks like a serious console exclusive that might rival the Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus allows you to put yourself inside the game, with Project Morpheus tracking your every head movement and changing the perspective accordingly.
Of course the big part of Sony's showing at E3 2014 were the games. Little Big Planet was shown off with cooperative play being a big part of the experience. Little Big Planet is an interesting side scrolling, puzzle solving, platformer in which you play as little sock people essentially and the past two titles have been big hits.

DLC from past games as well as levels created in past games are playable on the latest Little Big Planet as well.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was also shown off, being set several years after the last one. After retiring as a fortunate hunter, Nathan Drake will embark on his biggest adventure yet. He sets out on a globe spanning journey, looking to find fabled pirate treasure. The game is set around a historical conspiracy and is his greatest adventure yet which will test Nathan Drake's limits.
Bloodborne is another exciting game being developed by the creators of Dark Souls I and II, and coming to PlayStation 4 exclusively. Bloodborne is set in an ancient city of Yharnam, which many travelers take a pilgrimage to for a remedy to cure their afflictions. The protagonist you play is an adventurer in search of this cure but upon coming to the city finds that a curse has fallen upon the city and driven the city's population violent and insane. You must look for the cure while fighting off the insane population of the city of Yharnam.
A remastered release of The Last of Us is also coming to the PlayStation 4, with all DLC included.
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