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Review Of The Ultimate World Of Warcraft Strategy Guide

If you become involved in the World of Warcraft, you will soon realize how much there is to learn. The game offers so many quests that it can become difficult to remain on the right path. This ultimate World of Warcraft strategy guide will allow you to move through the levels very easily and quickly.
All that you need to do is follow the instructions provided and you will soon be at the maximum level. It is unnecessary for you to figure out the quests on your own. Some users of the guide have managed to move up to the maximum level within five days, but that of course depends on how many hours you spend on the game.

How does it Work?
The ultimate World of Warcraft strategy guide is an in-game guide. All you need to do is use the easy installation process to get the software on to your computer. Once this is completed, the guide takes over and will direct you through your game with ease. This is a wonderful facility to have because it is no longer necessary for you to tab in and out of your game to read the instructions.

What does it Offer?
The guide gives you information on how to complete your quests successfully, but it also offers you other facilities, such as:
· Directing you to the exact zone based on your level of play
· Showing you who you need to speak to next during the task
· Revealing the quickest route to level up once you are ready to get started
· Updating, in the event that you want to change your zones, play with your friends or if you want to jump over quests
The guide abounds in content. It does not only offer you ways to level up, but allows you to view the game from a different angle. It also offers the brand new Loremaster Guide, along with the usual leveling guide. This gives you the chance to complete all the quests in the game which ultimately unlocks the rare achievement of Loremaster.
If you activate the 'dungeon mode', you will be able to level up from one to 85 by doing dungeons only. The program will show you how you can collect all the quests for a particular dungeon on the outside, which will allow you to increase your experience points.
You will still have plenty to do with this guide even after you reach level 85.
The ultimate World of Warcraft strategy guide will allow you a swift ride to level 85, while dominating your opponents.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Game Review: Madden 25

Madden 25 is a new addition to the franchise of entertaining sports in the electronic arts entity. It is a game that gives sports enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in a world that allows them to be NFL stars. It ushers in the next generation of sports games that have the ability to deliver ten times more detail compared to any other game in the franchise's 25 year history. Every step of the game is calculated in order to showcase the most realistic player movement ever. It also features sidelines that are rich in commentary and thunderous crowds.

Madden 25 has been designed to deliver a real-time physics to make sure that no two players will ever be exactly the same. This is made possible by a powerful new infinity engine that was also in the development of Madden 13, but it has been equipped with improvements in gameplay as well as social functionality. You will not just get a chance to play as an NFL star, but you can also play as coach. You can also build your own franchise. Another thing you will like about this game is that the roaster includes retired players as well as coaches. NLF fans are able to invoke nostalgia by bringing stars that used to play in the past.

Where tactics are concerned in the game, there is a bit of diversity. Players are not subject to a specific subject of rules. They are allowed to mix things up a bit. The game is also available on all current generation consoles as well as PCs. The Xbox 360 Version of the game is compatible with Kinect. The presentation that has been used in this game is more similar to that used in natural television broadcasts. The commentary audio is quite realistic as well as lively as it can be.
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Game Review: Need for Speed Rivals

NFS Rivals is a game that was developed by Ghost games. It features a combination of hot pursuit's cops-versus-racer and the Most Wanted's freeform gameplay. Rivals' setting is in the fictional Redview County that has the most diverse geography one can imagine of. It allows you to take the car in lurched vineyards and parched deserts, snowy mountain passes as well as upmarket seaside promenades. It is a game that provides you with a different pace if you had a chance to experience the Most Wanted's urban sprawl.

NFS Rivals is without doubt a very addictive game. Every career is divided into chapters and every chapter allows you to move through the cop or racer ranks by completing several to do list of objectives. But it is also a tradeoff since the Redview's winding roads allow you to have some truly operatic chases that go on for many miles. The roads are best suited for drifting as well as pushing fast cars to their limits, for instance Hot Pursuit, rather than hiding like it is done in the Most Wanted.
Every stretch of the road has its own challenges, including time trials and standard races, different cars to shut down as well as records to smash. It is a fantastically pretty game that can be played on your PC or next-gen console. The cars look really brilliant, close to photorealistic. Weather effects are also impressive. Sun, rain, snow and the time of the day usually have an effect on the look of the game. The game will be more fun once you get master its weapons, unlock more of its cars and also become well acquainted with the map. The garage has many high-powered cars ranging from Ferraris to Aston Martins. Handling them is fun, accessible and responsive. Even if you are a newcomer, you can still be able to slide tight corners with just a little practice.

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Infamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son is an open world adventure game released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Developed by the long time Sony exclusive studio Sucker Punch Productions, Second Son is the third game in the Infamous series. The first two games focused on Cole MacGrath, a super powered human called a Conduit that had the ability to wield electricity as a weapon. If you played Cole as a hero (which Second Son assumes that you did), the climax of Infamous 2 culminated in MacGrath sacrificing himself, laying down his life for the greater good. Set seven years after those fateful events, Infamous: Second Son introduces new protagonist Delsin Rowe, along with all new power sets, and a Seattle that's under siege by a government agency called the Department of Unified Protection, or the DUP, an agency tasked with controlling Conduits in an effort to protect the rest of humanity.

Having essentially established martial law in the city of Seattle, the DUP's influence can be seen everywhere from the unmanned drones and numerous cameras watching over the population, to the constant APC patrols and frequent biometric checkpoints ferreting out Conduits (or bio-terrorists, as the DUP's propaganda labels them) that are trying to blend in with the general population. The Department is run by Brooke Augustine, herself a Conduit with the ability to control concrete, a power she uses to ruthlessly and efficiently hunt down her fellow Conduits and incarcerate them. Delsin Rowe, the resident black sheep of a nearby Akomish Native American reservation, discovers that he too is a Conduit when he comes into physical contact with a DUP prison escapee that has the power to control smoke. Now on the run himself, Delsin is propelled into a struggle to free his city and heal his tribe, most of whom have been mortally wounded by Augustine in her effort to locate and bring down Rowe.

Thinking the best defense is a good offense, Rowe decides to stand up to the DUP and the megalomaniac Augustine. Using his newfound powers, and his knack for inflammatory anti-DUP graffiti, Delsin chips away at the Department's hold on the city's districts by any means possible. As he liberates Seattle's neighborhoods one by one, Delsin's path leads him inexorably on towards an ultimate confrontation with the DUP and Augustine herself. Luckily he is not alone, and with the help of his long-suffering brother Reggie, and perhaps a couple new Conduit powers borrowed from other 'bio-terrorists' rumored to be hiding out within the Seattle city limits, Delsin Rowe just might stand a chance against the overwhelming odds stacked against him.
Infamous Second Son is a truly gorgeous game, and while I haven't had extensive experience with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles, I can say Second Son is one of the first games on the new hardware that truly shouts 'next-gen' to me. It truly looks and feels like something the PS3 or Xbox 360 would not be able to duplicate. While this is in part due to the game's graphics, leaving it at that would not tell the whole story. Sure, the cutscenes are beautifully rendered, but the voice acting is also spot on. The controls are tight and responsive, making use of the Dualshock 4 controller's touch pad frequently, but without making it feel overly awkward or forced. The game's script itself is also strong, with only a few predictable moments and bits of hokey dialog peppered throughout. The city itself is likely not as detailed as what we'll be seeing on the PS4 in a year or two, but it is beautifully lit with some outstanding lighting effects that take full advantage of Seattle's generally damp conditions and the numerous neon signs scattered throughout Sucker Punch Productions' iteration of the city.

All in all Infamous Second Son is a great game, and feels like a thoroughly play tested, high quality experience. Likely it will be looked back upon as one of the first titles to push the envelope of this most recent hardware cycle. If you're a fan of third person adventure games with open world's to explore a la Assassin's Creed III, and Saint's Row IV, you owe it to yourself to check out Infamous Second Son today. It is a solid gaming experience overall, and one of the first truly outstanding games to reveal itself here in the infancy of the PlayStation 4. Look for it at your local Slackers today!
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

E3 2014 Sony Highlights

E3 2014 was a big year for Nintendo, Microsoft but especially Sony. This year like last year Sony outdid Microsoft by a slight margin. While the main focus of Sony was games, they also debut some interesting new services such as PlayStation TV and PlayStation Now. PlayStation TV is a cross between a gaming console and media streaming console. It allows gamers to not have to buy another console to stream and play on another TV, as well as stream amazon Instant Video and Netflix.
PlayStation Now was shown off at E3 and is a game streaming service allowing gamers to play PlayStation 3 and other PlayStation titles on their PlayStation 4. This is to cater to the gamers that want to play older PlayStation titles since PlayStation 4 can't play PlayStation 3 or past generation games.
Project Morpheus was also shown off and playable at the E3 event. Although it was still in the prototype phase, it looks like a serious console exclusive that might rival the Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus allows you to put yourself inside the game, with Project Morpheus tracking your every head movement and changing the perspective accordingly.
Of course the big part of Sony's showing at E3 2014 were the games. Little Big Planet was shown off with cooperative play being a big part of the experience. Little Big Planet is an interesting side scrolling, puzzle solving, platformer in which you play as little sock people essentially and the past two titles have been big hits.

DLC from past games as well as levels created in past games are playable on the latest Little Big Planet as well.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End was also shown off, being set several years after the last one. After retiring as a fortunate hunter, Nathan Drake will embark on his biggest adventure yet. He sets out on a globe spanning journey, looking to find fabled pirate treasure. The game is set around a historical conspiracy and is his greatest adventure yet which will test Nathan Drake's limits.
Bloodborne is another exciting game being developed by the creators of Dark Souls I and II, and coming to PlayStation 4 exclusively. Bloodborne is set in an ancient city of Yharnam, which many travelers take a pilgrimage to for a remedy to cure their afflictions. The protagonist you play is an adventurer in search of this cure but upon coming to the city finds that a curse has fallen upon the city and driven the city's population violent and insane. You must look for the cure while fighting off the insane population of the city of Yharnam.
A remastered release of The Last of Us is also coming to the PlayStation 4, with all DLC included.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Why 3D Games Have Become Increasingly Popular

Many people today are trying to look for ways to entertain themselves through games. The recent rise in popularity of online 3D games is overwhelming. Many people are using their spare time engaging in these games, which are highly entertaining. As a result, many developers are creating different varieties to curb the overgrowing worldwide population venturing into 3D gaming every single day. Some of the reasons why these games are becoming increasingly popular are as follows:
Great graphics and sound effects
Thanks to the development in the field of technology, many developers are able to make great ones that have great visual display. Some of them look very real and the sound quality and flow has been greatly been improved when compared to the previous games. The three-dimensional effect makes them more appealing and attractive to the players. This enables one to enjoy them, thanks to the great graphics and sound effects.
Simply by owning a personal computer or visiting a cyber café, you can indulge in these games. Many companies are also creating great ones that are compatible with the wide range of smartphones hence easily accessible. Furthermore, many companies are not selling theirs, but you may have to make a few online purchases on some instances.

The wide variety of the games has been a dominant factor in the overwhelming indulgence of the game. From football, car-racing, farming and games fit for the female gender, the plate is big enough for anyone no matter the preference and taste.
Various opponents
Since these games are readily available in many countries, throughout your playing time, you can be able to meet opponents from many parts of the world with various strengths and experience. With time, the players are motivated to meet various opponents and judge how well they can play the games.
Since most of these games are freely offered online by the various manufacturers, they are easily available to many people who are interested without having to pay huge amounts of money to acquire them.
The fact that most of these games are easy to play and learning may take very little time has influenced their wide popularity. Many people learn how to play the games every single day and love the experience.
Hence, some of the reasons why 3D games are popular are their accessibility, their availability and the ease with which people learn to play the game.
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Amazing Spider-Man 2

If you knew anything about me, you would probably note that I'm a massive Spider-Man fan. I have various posters around my room, multiple ticket stubs from the Marvel movies and heck, I'm even drinking out of a Spider-Man cup right now. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to play Beenox's latest Spider-Man game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the Xbox One. Usually, I'm apprehensive about playing a movie tie-in game, but he's my favorite hero. Even if it's an average game I should be able to look past its faults, right? After playing the fairly short campaign, I have to say this Xbox One iteration of the web-slinger should have been squashed.
When you first stumble into the game world, the opening sequence is a recap of Uncle Ben's death from the first film. Of course, it may be hard to recognize who the characters are just because of how different they look to the source material. Here, Peter Parker looks more like Charlie Day from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, especially with the jacket they've got him wearing. The opening scene is total filler and doesn't add anything to the overall story.

Speaking of the story, it's a complete mess. I understand that it's a movie tie-in, and the developers might not get the full script from the accompanying film, but at the end of the day the plot here is just too hard to follow. The movie itself is already busy, but when the game adds their own villains from the comics into the movie, the main antagonists from the film get put on the back-burner.

My main beef with the primary storyline followed by the game, is that it completely omits Gwen Stacy from the entire experience. Gwen is Peter Parker's greatest ally, and in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 film she plays a massive role. I don't understand why we needed Uncle Ben, who isn't even in the movie, more than we needed Gwen Stacy. Just a bit of a head scratcher there, but one of the many problems with the convoluted story.
Once you get use to the scrambled plot, you'll take notice how funny the dialogue is. This isn't a good thing unfortunately. What I mean is that the dialogue could have been written by a four year old. My favorite exchange is when Peter Parker first meets the dangerous hunter Kraven in his swank New York apartment. Kraven explains how he wrestled a grown tiger and how much it angers him to see the endangered animals hunted and killed. All the while, directly behind Kraven there is a tiger pelt adorning his couch.

Thankfully, the gameplay itself isn't as hopeless. Spider-Man moves with incredible agility and web-slinging is now mapped to both the left and right triggers. There are minor issues such as the need to be pin-point accurate while traveling, but the game's 'Web Rush' mode helps with that. The city feels more alive than in the previous Spidey games but it's still ultimately a poor man's GTA. Honestly, the most fun I had with the game wasn't the combat, it was simply just swinging from one side of the city to another.

When the fisticuffs finally start happening, you'll notice just how clunky the entire combat system actually is. With Amazing Spider-Man 2, Beenox tries to copy the outstanding melee combat of Rocksteady's Batman titles. What you'll get here is sloppy, broken, glitch-filled anarchy. I was fighting the camera harder than I fought any of the bad guys. Even with the clunky viewpoints and the floaty combat, the game was never challenging. Throughout the short six hour campaign, I managed to die only once and that's because the batteries in my controller died.
When you're not busy fighting random gang members on the street, you'll have some of the web-slinger's most famous adversaries to contend with. During the boss fights, you'll rarely have anything to worry about with their mechanics. It boils down to mostly dodge the incoming assault, then mash on the attack button until you win. Granted, like Arkham City, once you defeat a boss you'll unlock new equipment for your hero. Ionic webbing and seismic blasts to be exact, both skills are just ways to defeat the cannon fodder later in the game and both are incredibly lame.
If the story and the combat wasn't enough to make you turn off your console, the atrocious visuals within the game might. While playing through the game on the Xbox One, I felt that this game was more on par with a PlayStation 2 launch title. Mouths move out of sync, clothes have less pixels than Pong and the environment looks something out of Rampage on the Nintendo 64. Visuals usually won't make a game great, but when the other aspects of this title are so bad, the muddled graphics pile onto the rest of the problems and the result is a game that is, in a word, garbage. The first Amazing Spider-Man game that came out in 2012 looks better than this game running on Xbox One!

As I previously stated before, this game is a movie tie-in and we can't expect GOTY material from it, but with an asking price of 60 dollars, I can't find any reason to justify the price. The only positive thing I could say about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is that the game does include a bunch of unlockable costumes for Spider-Man and there is quite the diverse selection. With developer Beenox only making one actual serviceable Spider-Man game, it may be time for someone else to take the helm. Stay away from this Xbox One title.

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